When you think of pepper spray, you are typically thinking of a self-defense product that is up close and personal.   NOT ANY MORE!

For most police officers, the only less-lethal weapon that has been available to them is the Taser.   The taser has had it's positives and negatives over the years and you can get various opinions from hundreds of officers on whether they like or trust the product in a emergency situation.  

The JPX is the first less-lethal weapon that actually shoots pepper spray over 20 feet with a spread of less then two feet.   The pepper is fired with a blank primer ensuring a lot of reliability when the officer needs it the most.  The pepper in the JPX puts out an outstanding 4 million SHU making sure that it takes down the perpetrator very quickly and keeps him down for an extended amount of time.
With today's massive drug problem, pepper spray works best went confronted by someone high on drugs and combative.  A perpetrator will have difficulty fighting back when they can't see or breathe.

We see a lot of use for animal control by departments that don't want the media headaches of killing someone's pet when it isn't necessary.  Many police departments use the JPX to get a perpetrator out of tight hiding places without risking their officers.  Think about not having to enter a building because you can fire the JPX into the building potentially incapacitating the perpetrator before you enter.
Stopping a car can be very dangerous, but with the JPX, the driver can be incapacitated if they become a problem.  If the JPX were fired into a car, then it would be very difficult to continue operating that car.